With the right plan
you can ENJOY retirement!

Protecting your Journey to retirement

ENJOY your retirement!

Learn about TRS and Pension basics,

  • how to calculate your lifetime pension retirement income,
  • how to understand your income gap, and
  • how much money will you need in retirement?
We provide retirement options available
to you as an educator.

Why do I need a 403(b)?

To increase income available to you in retirement while reducing your annual taxes!

As an employee of a School System, you are qualified to participate in a 403(b) Plan. The 403(b) Plan gives you the opportunity to create additional retirement savings to complement your Teachers’ Pension for retirement – tax deferred!.

Understanding Social Security and Your Pension

Don’t let WEP or GPO surprise you! The ‘Windfall Elimination Provision’ (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO), are two rules that can impact your Teachers’ Pension.

Most people find these rules confusing OR they overlook them, altogether. This can result in a big negative impact on your Teachers’ Pension lifetime retirement benefit. We can help you understand both rules and help you prepare for retirement with those rules in mind.

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